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What chiropractors are doing right now to dominate their area, get a continuous flow of new patients, and establish themselves as THE Authority in their area…

Chiropractic marketing
in 2010 and beyond, is drastically different than the last few years and will continue to evolve in this new digital age of hand held internet pda devices, widespread massive internet growth and print newspaper and yellow page advertising that is falling by the wayside.
You may not want to accept the fact that the internet has grown to be a part of most households in the civilized world and will continue to grow exponentially, but the fact is, you have no choice…adapt and get new patients where they are looking or ignore the internet and suffer low new patient volume and income.
So what are you doing to get all these new patients that are searching for a chiropractor online? If your answer is …”I have a really nice website” then you are in for a rude awakening.
Chiropractors who don’t understand chiropractic internet marketing don’t realize that even if you have the best most advanced or pretty or cool website, doesn’t mean a thing. If you are not on page one of google when a prospective patient is searching online for a chiropractor in your town, you don’t even exist. They will never find your website or you.
So how do YOU get your website on page one of google? Wrong question..That isn’t good enough to get your website on page one…there are 9 other website listings, up to 10 local google business listing and a whole barrage of paid advertisements down the side of the page.
To get noticed, you must be on googles front page MULTIPLE times. Think about it…you’re scanning the first page of google after typing in “chiropractor your town” and you see a bunch of listings for chiropractors in your town who are trying to do the chiropractic internet marketing thing and you are trying to pick one.
How will you choose? The first one on the page? The doc with a cool website name?
Imagine this…Chiropractic internet marketing at it’s best..You see one particular doctor is mentioned 4 times on page one. You see Dr. John Q. Public, then you see him below that, and below that, and below that…4 times on the first page when all the other doctors appear only once.
What are you thinking now? Of course, “who is this dr. who is all over the page?” and will click on one of those to see why this doctor IS all over the page and/or maybe you thought “wow, this doctor is mentioned all over the place…he/she must be good!” and CLICK! They are now on that doctor’s website!
So, the bottom line have to have your clinic website on page one, preferably at the top. You must also have multiple listings or entries about YOU to become THE Authority that everyone trusts and wants to see. You must continually update and work to maintain page one listings IF you can ever even get on page one.
That is where my company Dr. James Martin International comes in to save the day to do your chiropractic internet marketing…I have been trained by the best of the best in internet marketing…from internet experts quietly making 7 figure incomes online due to their internet domination skills.
My team, and yes you need a team of people doing your chiropractic internet marketing to get you on page one AND  to continually update and optimize each listing to keep it from falling off page one.
For a great example of how this works…bookmark this page and then search google for Dr. James Martin Brentwood and you will see I own like 3 pages of google! Now search back pain brentwood ca or leg pain brentwood ca and see that I own A LOT if not most of the page.
If you would like more information on how you can own the internet in your area and get the lions share of all the new patients looking online for a chiropractor call Dr. Martin at 925-234-8551 or visit or email directly to